UHP reports stopping 84K triple-digit speeders

Photos: Utah Highway Patgrol

UTAH, Aug. 10, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — With much of Utah currently out of triple-digit temperatures, Utah Highway Patrol has a new triple-digit request.

“Weather is finally out of the 100s,” a UHP post says. “Now let’s see it with your speeds.”

Utah Highway Patrol has clocked thousands of drivers traveling at significantly over the posted limit, and shared photos of drivers reportedly stopped at 145 mph and 154 mph.

“We have stopped over 84,000 speeders this year and over 3,500 are traveling over 100 mph.”

Within 30 minutes of the posting, UHP followers had responded with everything from calls for more stringent punishments to Autobahn comparisons and a personal speeding record.


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