UHP shares Halloween weekend statistics

File photo: Utah Highway Patrol

UTAH, Nov. 1, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Highway Patrol has shared its statistics for the Halloween weekend, running last Friday through Sunday.

  • DUI arrests numbered 53, down slightly from the 2020 total of 56.
  • Traffic-related contacts were up a little, from 2,279 last year to 2,302 this year.
  • Crashes increased from 121 last Halloween weekend to 167 this year. Fatalities went from one last year to six this year.

Several other 2021 numbers were available, the UHP statement says, but without 2020 numbers for comparison:

  • Speeders apprehended numbered 1,018, with of those reaching 100 mph or more.
  • And 77 seatbelt violations were reported

There’s still time to reconsider dangerous habits, with upcoming, gathering-oriented holidays coming up later this month and next.


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