UHP: Troopers stop wrong-way driver who tests at triple the DUI limit

Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah, March 26, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Highway Patrol stopped a wrong-way driver at 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

“We had yet another wrong driver this morning on Utah roadways,” says a statement posted by UHP Major Nigbur. “The suspect got on wrong way near State Street and I-215 S, he made it all the way to Foothill Drive without hitting anyone.

“Troopers were able to stop the vehicle and through investigation found out the driver was 3 times the legal limit!”

UHP retweeted the message, adding ,”We need to do better. Please do not get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. We are grated this wrong way vehicle was stopped without any harm to anyone.”


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