Update: Man arrested after 22-year-old woman shot near Kimball Junction

Victor Pulido II. Photo Courtesy: Summit County Sheriff's Office

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah, Dec. 2, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A man has been arrested after a 22-year-old woman was shot at a home near Kimball Junction early Sunday morning.

The victim was flown by helicopter to Intermountain Medical Center in critical condition after the shooting.

“Summit County Sheriff’s Office investigators have worked tirelessly to find the person responsible for the shooting that took place in Summit County in the early morning hours on Nov. 29,” said a news release from Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

“Investigators identified several people who were involved in or witnessed the shooting.”

Victor Pulido II, 19, from Taylorsville, was identified as a person of interest. An anonymous tip was made to investigators stating Pulido was the shooter.

On the evening of Dec. 1, Summit County Sheriff’s Office investigators detained Pulido at his Taylorsville home and transported him to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. Later that evening, he was booked into the Summit County Jail and is being held without bail on the following charges:

  • Aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury, a second-degree felony
  • Carrying a concealed firearm in the commission of a felony, a second-degree felony
  • Discharge of a firearm; shooting in direction of a person, a third-degree felony
  • Three counts of aggravated assault, a third-degree felony

Deputies were called to several shots being fired near Teal Drive in the unincorporated portion of Summit County at approximately 5:26 a.m., the probable cause statement said. The reporting party advised that several vehicles had fled the area at a high rate of speed.

Deputies were directed to an address in West Teal Drive as the address where the shots had occurred and the vehicles had fled from. Deputies discovered the garage door to the residence was open and they entered the residence to ascertain if there was a gunshot victim inside, the statement said.

Officers discovered blood and multiple shell casings on the floor, but no one was in the house. All of the evidence discovered suggested that the shooting occurred inside the residence.

“A female with a gunshot wound was taken by her friends to Park City Medical Center,” the statement said. “Later it was discovered that she was shot in the right portion of her back and the bullet traveled through her right kidney and lacerated her liver. The bullet was recovered and was consistent with a .40 caliber bullet.”

Later a witness was identified that had been at the party, the statement said. She was located and said she had seen the suspect at the party, but did not know his name. Later she contacted the mother of the victim and told her the shooter’s name was Victor with a possible last name Polletti.

The investigating detective could not find anyone by that name, so he reached out the Metro Gang Task Force. The investigating detective was advised the suspect might be named Victor Pulido. Another individual called into dispatch and stated that the shooter’s name was Victor Pulido.

Pulido was located at a house in Taylorsville and transported to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office where an interview was conducted. After being read his Miranda rights, he said he had been at the party and had been jumped by three or more armed males. Pulido admitted he had a concealed .40 caliber Glock on his person when the assault occurred.

“Victor said he was knocked to the ground and a male tried to wrestle his gun away from him and they fought over it until the male took it from him,” the statement said. “Victor stated he ran from the scene and someone started shooting a him.”

Pulido’s statement was inconsistent with the evidence on scene.

The investigation is ongoing and additional information will be released as it becomes available.

Gephardt Daily will update the story as new information is provided.


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