Clinton Standoff Suspect Hid Well Before Apprehension

Chase M
Chase Montgomery Venstra

CLINTON, Utah, Feb. 5, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Law enforcement officials have revealed that suspect Chase Venstra was well hidden in a Clinton home before his arrest after an all-day standoff.

According to authorities, the Friday standoff started after police in Clinton recognized Venstra, 34, who has several warrants for domestic violence, assault and stalking.

A police standoff with a man in Clinton started at 9 a.m. Friday and continued through the day. Photo: Gephardt Daily

Police say Venstra ran from police into a home near 2850 W. and 1400 N. around 9 a.m. It was believed the suspect might be armed. Police says he refused to come out.

Besides the Clinton Police Department, responding law enforcement agencies included the Layton Police Department and the Davis County Sheriff’s Department.

It was announced just before 6 p.m. Friday that the suspect was found hiding in the attic and had been taken into custody.

Police have said they searched all residential floors of the house before turning their attention upward. Even once officers entered the attic, they could not immediately see Venstra.

He was finally found under a layer of attic insulation, breathing quietly and holding very still, said Bill Chilson, Clinton Police chief.

Ventra was not armed, although there were guns at the residence.

Clinton Standoff
An active standoff situation in Clinton was resolved after 9 hours on Friday when a suspect was taken into custody. Photo: Gephardt Daily


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