Update: Suspects In Shooting Death Of Man Found In Car Charged With Murder

Jorge Castanon, left, and Marco Garcia have been arrested in connection with the murder of Mauricio Martinez, who was found shot to death May 27 in a car parked in a Cottonwood Heights credit union lot. Photos: Salt Lake County

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 11, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Two men arrested in connection to a man found shot to death in a car parked in Cottonwood Heights have been charged with murder.

On Friday, Jorge Arturo Castanon-Serrano, 34, and Marco Antonio Garcia, 26, were charged in 3rd District Court with first-degree felony aggravated murder and first-degree felony aggravated robbery for the death of Mauricio Martinez.

Martinez, 31, wasby construction workers at about 7 a.m. May 27, shot to death and in a car parked at the Mountain America Credit Union, 6440 S. 3000 East, Cottonwood Heights.

Mauricio Martinez was found shot to death May 27 in a blue car found outside a Cottonwood Heights credit union. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Jennifer Gardiner
Mauricio Martinez was found shot to death May 27 in a blue car found outside a Cottonwood Heights credit union Photo Gephardt DailyJennifer Gardiner

The investigation was transferred from the Cottonwood Heights Police Department to the SLCPD after witnesses came forward, saying Martinez had been killed on Redwood Road before being transported to the credit union parking lot.

Castanon-Serrano and Garcia told police they planned to take Martinez’s vehicle and money at a location on Redwood Road, but Martinez ended up being shot during the robbery.

Investigators said they believe the robbery was planned, but not the shooting.

Garcia and Castanon-Serrano are being held at the Salt Lake County Jail. Both of the men are citizens of Mexico and have had immigration holds placed on file.


  1. The 2 men and woman who shot and killed and ,, I MEAN OVER KILLED, my long time friend MARICIO MY BEANER, JUST SICKEN ME. AND TO FIND OUT IT WAS JUST TO ROB him? THEY better do a life sentence of pain and suffering for taking the life of a young man with a bright better clean future HE COULD’VE HAD. BUT NO THESE SICK PPL WITH NO FUTURE OR LIFE AHEAD OF THEM KILL MY BF.


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