USU football player arrested for assault of student ‘unable lawfully to consent’

Jamaal Evans. PhotoL Cache County

LOGAN, Utah, June 29, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A Utah State University football player has been booked on charges related to an assault on another student.

Jamaal Anthony Evans, 19, of Las Vegas, is charged with first-degree felony counts of rape and forcible sodomy related to events said to have occurred early June 18 in Logan.

An officer was called to Cache Valley Hospital that day following the rape examination of a woman referred to as C.N. in court papers.

C.N. told police she had gone to a party at 564 E. 1150 North, with her female roommate, and with Evans, an acquaintance from the athletic department, and with two male freshmen they gave a ride, the probable cause statement says.

“C.N. stated this was the first night she had ever hung out with Evans, but knew of him through the athletics department at Utah State University where she and Evans are both student athletes.”

C.N told police she remembers drinking vodka with her roommate in the basement of the residence where the party was held. The next thing she remembered was waking up in the shower when she hit her head on a metal rack, and hearing the voice of Evans asking if she “was good,” she told police.

C.N.’s next memory, she told officers, was waking up at home, in her roommate’s bed. C.N. said her hips hurt, as if she had had intercourse.

The roommate told police she had not seen Evans consume any vodka when she and C.N. had. The roommate said that about 2 a.m., Evans said he was thirsty, and he and C.N. went upstairs to the kitchen.

The roommate said she became concerned when Evans and C.N. did not return, but did not check upstairs bedrooms because she believed other house residents were in the rooms, asleep.

The roommate texted Evans, who did not immediately respond, then did not say where he and C.N. were, instead texting, “Hold up” and “We fine,” the probable cause statement says.

At about 4:30 a.m., the roommate heard the shower, she told police. She went to an upstairs bedroom and found the room and Evans’ shirt covered with vomit, she said.

The roommate banged on the bathroom door, which was locked, she said. She then forced her way in, and found C.N. naked, on the toilet, and disoriented, she said. The roommate said C.N. teared up and told her she didn’t know what had happened.

The roommate confronted Evans, she told police, and said “Evans told her that C.N. was sober, and ‘when you’re in the moment and you want what you want, you just got to do it sometimes.’”

The roommate also quoted Evans as saying “he gave that girl what she wanted,” the statement said.

Further evidence and interviews indicate that marijuana also was used at the party, the probable cause statement says.

The Cache County Attorney recommended that Evans be arrested, the statement says, for having sex “while the victim was unable to lawfully consent.”

Evans’ bail is set at $25,000.


  1. He didn’t rape her! And it’s just a he said she said. Everyone makes mastakes she should get over it with and forgive him and drop the charges. She wasn’t drunk.


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