Utah Attorney General’s Office warns price gouging on limited supply items is illegal

Photo courtesy: Intermountain Healthcare

UTAH, March 15, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Attorney General’s Office is warning Utahns that price gouging on supplies that are in limited supply in stores due to the coronavirus outbreak is illegal.

A Facebook post from the Attorney General’s Office said: “Unfortunately, Utahns are reporting price gouging, or increasing prices much higher than reasonable or fair, on supplies that are in limited supply in stores.

“The items include: toilet paper, water, hand sanitizer, certain household cleaners, and even cold medicine and baby formula.

“THIS IS AGAINST STATE LAW (Utah Code 13-41-101-202, Price Controls Under Emergencies Act). The penalty for this offense is $1,000 fine per incidence.”

Anyone who notices this activity happening is asked to contact the Utah Division of Consumer Protection by phone at 801-530-6601, toll free in Utah at 800-721-7233 or by email at consumerprotection@utah.gov.


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