Utah County man accused of threatening to shoot ex-wife’s family

Jared Luke Farnsworth. Photo: Utah County

UTAH COUNTY, Utah, Dec. 13, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A Utah County man is facing a charge of third-degree felony aggravated assault after he allegedly threatened to kill his ex-wife’s family.

Jared Luke Farnsworth, 45, was arrested on Dec. 5, according to a probable cause statement from Utah County.

Earlier that day, Farnsworth called his estranged wife, who has filed for divorce and moved to Idaho with their children to be with her family.

“Jared sent multiple emails to the victim telling her to answer her phone,” the statement said. “The victim did not answer the phone and Jared began calling her work place and asking for her. She did eventually take the call and spoke with Jared over the phone. Jared told her that he wanted to get back together with her, and that if she did not she would regret it. Jared then told her that he had a gun and he would make the news if she did not come back to him. When she asked Jared what he meant by that he talked about how he blamed her family for causing her to leave him. Jared told her that her family might not be safe. She also stated that Jared sent her a photo of him holding a black handgun.”

A few minutes later Provo dispatch received another 911 call from a man who said he is a friend of Farnsworth. He said he had just got off the phone with Farnsworth, and that Farnsworth had told him that he was in Orem, had a gun and was going to shoot his wife’s family, and that all of her brothers and sisters are in Utah County. Farnsworth told the man further that since his wife did not take him seriously he was going to show her how serious he was by killing her family.

Dispatch then pinged Farnsworth’s cellphone and the ping showed him in north Orem. Orem police responded to the area and pulled over Farnsworth’s car.

“Jared was taken into custody and made a spontaneous utterance that the gun was inside the vehicle in a black bag,” the statement said.


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