Utah County man arrested for allegedly stalking ex-girlfriend

Dustin Roy Tregeagle. Photo Courtesy: Utah County Jail

UTAH COUNTY, Utah, Feb. 24, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Provo man has been arrested after he allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend and sent a text message to her work saying “You’re all gonna burn.”

A probable cause statement from Utah County said Dustin Roy Tregeagle, 28, is facing a charge of class A misdemeanor stalking. Tregeagle has been booked into Utah County Jail with his bail set at $2,500.

The arresting officer wrote in the probable cause statement he was dispatched to McDonald’s at 1225 S. University Ave. Saturday on a report of a male who was yelling at employees and wouldn’t leave.

“When I arrived, I learned that the suspect, Dustin Tregeagle, had a relationship with one of the employees there and they had been having issues,” the probable cause statement said. “Dustin and the victim worked at the same gas station and were co-workers.”

Earlier this month, Tregeagle and the victim had an encounter in which Tregeagle had reportedly sexually assaulted the victim.

“Since this incident happened, the victim tried to separate herself from Dustin by speaking to her manager to get them to not be scheduled together,” the statement said. “Dustin was told he was not allowed to visit the store while the victim was there by the manager. Dustin began parking in the parking lot facing the gas station while only the victim was there.”

At one point, he entered into the store while the victim was there, which caused her a great deal of emotional distress, the statement said. The victim described having panic attacks each time she sees the suspect, and said she gets to the point where she cannot breathe.

Saturday was the victim’s first shift at McDonald’s. Her vehicle was parked out front and was clearly visible.

“Dustin should have reasonably known that the victim’s first day at McDonald’s was that day due to them being co-workers and having close ties,” the statement said. “Dustin approached the drive through and ordered fries. He came to the window where the victim was and looked at her. The victim retreated into a back room when she saw him.”

Tregeagle got into an argument with another employee then pulled around the store and parked his vehicle next to the victim’s after he had been told to leave.

The suspect then sent the victim a text message that read: “This isn’t over I’m coming and I’m coming hard and you’re all gonna burn.”

The victim then called police and described the incidents allegedly involving Tregeagle.

“The victim described great emotional distress and fear of Dustin,” the statement said. “She became emotional while speaking of how she felt when he would sit in his vehicle and face her store while she was alone. She described having to have someone at her work with her at all times due to her fear.”

The victim said she had cut down hours working at the gas station and changed jobs to McDonald’s to get away from Tregeagle.

The suspect was contacted at his home and refused to speak to officers after being read his Miranda rights. He was taken into custody at his home without incident for stalking.

“The victim expressed fear of Dustin finding her and wanted to travel away to be protected from him,” the probable cause statement said.


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