Utah couple charged with using drone to peep into neighbors’ bedroom, bathroom windows

Photo: Facebook/Orem Police Department

OREM, Utah, Feb. 14, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — After two months of intrigue, police in Orem believe they have cracked the case of the Peeping Tom drone pilots.

Documents filed in 4th District Court reveal Aaron Dennis Foote, 39, and his girlfriend, Terisha Lee Norveil, 34, were charged Jan. 19 with the class A misdemeanor of committing voyeurism through the use of electronic equipment. They’re scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing in early March.

According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed by Orem police, the department was contacted on Dec. 3, 2016, by a man “who located a drone that was flying low outside his bathroom window.”

The man told investigators he followed the drone as it flew away from his home and landed in a nearby church parking lot. He said he then took the drone back to his home where he reviewed footage recorded on a SD card.

The affidavit said the card contained multiple videos showing “individuals inside their residences through windows. Some of the recordings were multiple stories high in apartment complexes.”

Police say those images also included shots of people in their private bathrooms and bedrooms.

The affidavit also states officers found footage which allowed them “to locate the registered owner, Aaron Foote.”

Back in December, Orem police posted a notice on the Orem Police Department Facebook page to alert the owner that his missing quadcopter had been found:

“If you answer yes to ALL of the following questions please call, 801-229-7070:

1 — Are you missing a quadcopter?
2 — Did you lose it this morning, in Orem?
3 — Are you looking over your shoulder to see if the police are following you?
4 — Have you been convicted of voyeurism in the past?
5 — Does the SD card in your quadcopter camera have videos of people in their private bedrooms and/or bathrooms?
6 — On the same SD card is there a picture of you flying your quadcopter?
7 — Would you like to turn yourself in before we have to come knocking at your door, maybe on Christmas morning, with a warrant?”

The post ends with, “We know who you are, but let’s make this easier on everyone!”


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