Utah DPS releases video of Mantua Police Chief’s field sobriety test by UHP troopers

CACHE COUNTY, Utah, Feb. 14, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Department of Public Safety has released dashcam footage of the exchange last month between troopers and a driver — Mantua City Police Chief Shane Zilles — after Zilles was stopped for speeding, then tested for driving under the influence.

Zilles was stopped by Utah Highway Patrol troopers at about 5 p.m. on Jan. 29 on State Route 91, north of Logan.

The footage shows Zilles being pulled over for speeding, and later performing field sobriety tests administered by two UHP troopers. After the standard tests to gauge a driver’s balance and eye focus, a trooper told Zilles he had not done well.

“What I see in your eyes leads me to believe you’re on medication or its affecting you,” the lead trooper said, in part. “Your eyes are all over the place…. Your balance is pretty poor. I know it’s cold, but your balance is exceptionally poor as you’re standing here.”

Shane Zilles appeared in a 2011 video, posted on YouTube, titled “Law Enforcement Hero — Shane Zilles.” Image: Video screengrab

Zilles was arrested for DUI, a Department of Public Safety statement says, then agreed to a blood test and was taken to a local hospital before being released.

Results of the blood test have not been made public, and the released video has audio erased just after Zilles is asked what drugs may be in his system.

Gephardt Daily could find no record of Zilles’ arrest in online court records.

On Thursday, the DPS posted the video on YouTube with the following statement:

“After multiple public records request for dashcam footage of the arrest of a law enforcement official in Mantua, the Utah Highway Patrol is releasing the above footage.”

In video released by the Utah Department of Public Safety, Mantua City Police Chief Shane Zilles can be seen losing his balance during a field sobriety test. Image: Video screen grab


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