Utah DWR won’t give hunting, fishing licenses to those behind on child support beginning Thursday

Photo: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

UTAH, June 30, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is warning residents of a new law going into effect Thursday in which anyone who is more than $2,500 behind on child support is prohibited from receiving a hunting or fishing license.

Beginning July 1,  House Bill 197 will prohibit the DWR from issuing a fishing or hunting license — or any type of hunting permit — to anyone who is more than that amount behind on child support, unless the individual has obtained a judicial order staying enforcement of the past-due payments, said a news release.

People in arrears will be identified by the Office of Recovery Services, which will be implementing the law, and a block will be placed on the DWR accounts for those people, the news release said. To remove the block, they will need to contact the Office of Recovery Services to either pay the amount in full, or enter into a payment plan for at least 12 consecutive months.

Anyone who currently has a valid license or permit will not be affected until their license expires.

“We recognize that hunting and fishing activities help maintain family relationships, and we support any effort that will help those relationships stay intact,” DWR Administrative Section Chief Kenny Johnson said.

“We want individuals to be aware that this law is going into effect July 1 and want them to start making plans now so they are not caught off guard when they try to buy a hunting or fishing license, or obtain upcoming hunting season permits. The legislature did postpone implementing this for a year to give people in arrears the opportunity to rectify it.”


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