Utah Highway Patrol warns drivers to slow down

Photo Courtesy: UHP

UTAH, April 9, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah Highway Patrol officials are warning drivers to watch for “lead feet” on Utah’s roads this spring.

“With our state’s roadways seeing less traffic, we are seeing an increase in lead feet,” said a tweet from Utah Highway Patrol. “Please do not increase your speed just because you see open roads in front of you. Now is an excellent time to utilize your vehicle’s cruise control; set it at or below the posted speed limit.”

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UHP shared six photos of speeds at which violators were traveling Thursday, up to 104 mph.

“We’re still out doing our job keeping Utah safe,” the tweet said. “Our modern cars might feel safe at these speeds, until you have to react to an adverse situation in front of you and can’t maintain control… putting other’s lives at risk. Please slow down!”


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