Utah mom who ended late-term pregnancy shares story, anger with Donald Trump comment; post goes viral

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI

UTAH, Oct. 20, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A Utah woman, angered by Donald Trump’s description of late-term abortion during Wednesday night’s presidential candidate debate, turned to social media to vent her frustration with the GOP nominee and to share her own experience with the controversial medical procedure.

Within 24 hours, Alyson Draper’s impassioned Facebook post had garnered more than 10,000 comments and close to 92,000 shares.

Draper revealed the story of her unborn twins — one dead in her womb and poisoning her body, and the other with severe birth defects that promised to be fatal.

Draper talked about consulting with the leader of her congregation, a bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and shared the advice he gave. She talked about considering the needs of her six children at home, and the years of PTSD treatment that would follow her decision.

Trump’s comments about late-term abortion included the following:

“Well, I think it’s terrible. “If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby.”

Read Draper’s response below:


I had to have a late term abortion. It was the worst moment in my life. What made it even worse was the State of Utah had made it illegal. I had one dead twin. The other had severe Spina Bifida, and would only have lived with life support, in great pain, for a few days.

Alyson Brady. Photo: Facebook
Alyson DraperFacebook

I lay on the hospital floor, bawling hysterically, for twelve hours, waiting for an ethics committee of the health care corporation to decide my case justified what had to be done. My health was in danger due to the dead fetus. My husband and I consulted our LDS Bishop, who assured me I needed to do what I had to do, that it was even within LDS guidelines to do so. He reminded me I had six kids at home who needed their mother to live.

The abortion was terrible. It was done very gently, by Caesarean section, leaving the babies in their amniotic sacs. The living baby passed very quickly.

It was horrific. I think it even affected my dear physician, as he had never had to end a pregnancy before. I developed PTSD for which I had to be treated for years, mostly because of the fact I had to have it at all.

No woman should have to have the state have a say in the most painful decision she will ever make. Nobody is tearing babies apart in late term. They are always humanely done, only in situations where there is a non-viable or severely defective fetus and/or the mother’s health is at risk.

Please don’t vote for a candidate or a party that would make these decisions for the women who will die or be forced to carry unviable fetuses to term. This is a decision that is so painful and so terrible. Only the parents of the baby and a physician should be involved in the decision.

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  1. In my heavily Democrat controlled home state of Minnesota, a woman can’t tie her tubes without her husband’s consent.

    The idea of a state taking away the right to abortion is horrific to this woman and everyone else who has ever had the same experience that she has. But imagine, if you can, a woman who hasn’t yet hit 30 years old and marries a man who wants 10 children. After giving him 2 children of his own, with her 2 from a previous relationship…they have 4 children but this husband doesn’t have a 10 child job…let alone a 4 child supporting job. She attempts to tie her tubes by making inquiries with her OBGYN office where she has her normal yearly checkups. They inform her of 2 things…one, in her state she MUST have her spouse’s permission to alter her ability to produce children for her spouse…..like she is a heifer. Then they also inform her that in the particular town she lives in ALLLL of the hospitals have religious affiliation (Catholic… St. Lukes, St. Mary’s….and so forth….) and none of the hospitals will perform surgeries that prevent pregnancy nor end a pregnancy. So, she does the only thing she can…she tells her husband she no longer wishes to get pregnant…he tells her “Tough cookies…” and then rapes her! Unbelievably, to everyone that doesn’t know how HORRIBLE this woman’s luck is, she ends up pregnant from the rape. And pregnant with TWINS. After delivering those twins by c section during the procedure….she again asks her husband, before they begin closing the incision to….to please give her his consent to tie her tubes. He refuses and makes sure he repeats it loud enough that the attending general surgeon hears it, and won’t alter her.

    Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t go through with it. Shortly after that episode her husband steps out on her and impregnates someone else. He came home long enough to rape her AGAIN…and again, she ended up pregnant. She delivered that baby and he had already been gone from her and her home for 7 months by the time the birth took place. She would still have to wait 3 YEARS to get him to consent to divorce her…and by so doing, be able to stop her body from having more babies.

    A state or ANY government having THAT much control over a woman’s body…in a Democrat run and Democrat leaning state is shocking in 2014. She of course couldn’t work because…if you were keeping count…four plus 3 equals seven. She was trying to care for 7 children so she couldn’t work and…you guessed it, lives off of welfare because of it.

    I believe allowing anyone, anywhere to have a say in ANYTHING about a body shouldn’t be able to happen. Abortion, preventing pregnancy…these aren’t things that should even NEED a law. I believe even allowing there to BE a law legalizing or making abortion illegal is contrary to the concept of agency and free will.

    Did you know taxes are voluntary? Well, they are. I think ANY say over a woman’s health on any subject OF said health is conspicuously MISSING when it comes to MALE bodies. No limits are put on them in ANY regard… None. This concept troubles no one. At least…not that I have read ANYwhere.


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