Utah police department gets 4M responses after asking public’s opinion on officer beards

The Pleasant Grove Police Department shared these photos of its Sgt. Domonic Adamson in a Facebook post asking for public opinion on officer beards.

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, Dec. 29, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — The Pleasant Grove Police Department just wanted a little public input on whether it should change its policy, and allow officers to have well-groomed beards.

Within 24 hours after officials posted the Facebook question, more than 4 million comments gushed in.

Just for perspective, Utah’s population is about 3.1 million.

Comments have included “Let them faces grow” and “Looks crappy and gives the bad guys more to grab/pull.”

More of our favorite comments will follow, but first, here’s the PGPD post:


It has been the policy for many decades that Police Officers at the Pleasant Grove Police Department are prohibited from growing facial hair (except a small mustache). This policy has been adhered to in an effort to create a professional and approachable police force. The premise of the policy is that beards are unprofessional and make an officer less approachable to the general public. It is the mission of our department to provide this great community with exceptional police services, but more than that, we want our community to feel as though the Officers that serve the community are approachable.

That being said, as times change so do trends, styles, and fashion. More and more men are wearing beards and goatees these days. This facial hair policy is currently under review by the Chief of Police. Many Officers would like to wear a beard or goatee, and have been requesting a policy change for years.

We have relaxed our facial hair standard in past years for charity (sub for Santa) and it has been very effective in raising money for the needy in the community. During this time we have received more compliments than complaints about the extra hair on our Officers faces. We recognize that this may just be because of the charity effort.

The change would be to allow beards or goatees year around. We would not be abandoning our sub for Santa program, in fact we would be enhancing it. We do not want to compromise our professionalism or to become less approachable to the public as a result. Our relationship with our community is paramount and so we need your insight.

Sergeant Adamson has graciously agreed to use himself as an example. I have included photos of him clean shaven and with a beard.

Should we cut it or keep it?

Please give us your opinion. Should the Chief of Police adjust the facial hair policy to include a well trimmed and neatly manicured beard or goatee? Or should we keep our policy the way it has been for decades.

Thanks for your input.

~Captain Smith

And now, a few more public comments:

“Keep it. It’s a softer more approachable side. There more like people. There still is the authority side without looking like a jerk….”

“It helped Pres. Lincoln.”

“Once you allow it you will not be able to control or manage each individual. Most grow a beard because they don’t like to shave or they are lazy, and most individuals do not care to ‘keep up’ on their facial hair unless they have to for some reason, or they are babysat over it, then you just have a whole bunch of overwhelmed hairy faces who you can’t even recognize… mountain men looking guys in a uniform….”

“No beard. What will he do if gas masks are suddenly required???”

“Keep it. We are paramilitary for a reason and are held to exceptional standards that we must represent, like our military. But I am old school. I think the charity event fundraisers are great, and a good break for those sissies who whine about having to shave!”

“Guy on the left (clean shaven on the Facebook page) gives out tickets for people jaywalking, guy on the right helps old ladies cross the street… way more approachable.”

“If they can grow one let them.”


If I needed his help, wouldn’t care if he shaved or not.”

“Beards for the win. ??????????”
“Please keep your policy! Thank you for everything you all do. You are in our daily prayers.”

“Time have changed since the 1950s boys. Beards are in! My Attorney has one as does my doctor, both are held to a high standard by the community (and make double what I do). Keep the beards!”

“FREE THE BEARD! But if your going to have one you have to groom it.”

● ● ●

To see more comments and check the current response count, visit the Pleasant Grove Police Facebook page by clicking here.


  1. Nothing wrong with neatly trimmed facial hair. It will need to have limits that are enforced just like the mustache policy.


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