Utah Rep. Steve Christiansen resigns from House, LDS Church position

Utah Rep. Steve Christiansen. Photo: Utah House of Representatives

UTAH, Oct. 28, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah Rep. Steve Christiansen has resigned from his position representing District 47, which includes West Jordan.

The announcement comes just two days after that of Utah House Majority Leader Francis Gibson, District 65 and also a Republican, who said he is retiring after 13 years in position, effective Nov. 8.

Christiansen had served as a Utah State representative since January of 2020. At 10:34 p.m. Thursday, he posted the following statement to his Facebook page:

It is with very mixed emotions that I announce my resignation from the Utah House of Representatives. The past two years have been tremendously enlightening and educational. I have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to knock on thousands of doors, meet and discuss issues with man of my neighbors and friends, and develop relationships with so many in the Utah House and Senate. I have learned so much and have appreciated the goodness of so many people. I have also seen my passion for the well-being of our state and country grow even more than I thought possible. 

My time in the legislature has increasingly been spent pushing back against government over-reach, excessive spending growth, policies that limit freedom and liberty, and anything that weakens faith, families and the sanctity of life, and the sacred rights with which we have been blessed. I have tried to do that in a respectful, professional, factual, yet clear and passionate way. While I expected, unfortunately, to be personally maligned and ridiculed as a public servant, I did not expect to see individuals attack my wife as they have, nor to see the significant impact of those attacks on her and our family. Primarily, my reason, it has become necessary to “pause.”

We are in the midst of a Constitutional crisis of epic proportions and there is much to be be done! The day may come when I re-enter the public arena. In the meantime, however, I plan to maintain a strong choice for freedom and liberty and remain engaged in the battle to ensure election integrity, medical freedom, and the protection of families.  I will also continue teaching the importance of our Constitution and the need to uphold Constitutional principles through in-person presentations through the state, as I have done for the last six months. My podcast, Restoring Liberty, will continue to be a channel through which I will educate regarding the history of our nation and the Constitution, and provide analyses of current events.

My desire is to actively express my feelings in support of liberty and our Republic. In doing so, I do not wish to infer that my views represent those of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I therefore believe it is best to retire from Church employment to avoid potential misunderstandings. I believe this will help the Church preserve its long-held position of political neutrality in matters of party politics. The decision to leave Church employment is mine alone. I have never been pressured to vote one way or another.

God bless the great state and people of Utah, and God bless America and this remarkable Republic of ours! May she forever stand as a bright light and beacon to the world! To those whose voices I have tried to amplify, I say, “carry on, peacefully, respectfully and passionately!”

Christainsen’s LinkedIn page lists his Church job as Director of Presiding Bishopric Projects.


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