Utah’s holiday weekend weather: Statewide forecast

Snow, from a dusting to a dollop, is predicted for all of Utah this weekend. File photo: Pixabay

UTAH, Nov. 20, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Remember all summer when you wished for a cooling breeze? Your requests have been answered, just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend.

The mercury will take a major drop in northern and central Utah over the next few days, according to information from the National Weather Service website.

Wednesday is everyone’s warmest day between now and Saturday. Toastiest will be Richfield with a high of 56 degrees. The lowest high will be in 47-degree Logan. Falling in between are Salt Lake City, with a high of 51, and Moab and St. George tied at 53 degrees.

And for Saturday’s big chill, expect a low of 12 degrees in Richfield, 14 in Logan, and a three-way tie between Salt Lake City, Moab and St. George at 23 degrees.

Details for different regions of the state are below, with links to click for updates. Graphics are from the National Weather Service.

The image immediately below shows conditions as of 5:16 p.m. Tuesday. For updated information and to use interactive features, click the National Weather Service link, here.

To see local forecasts, check below. Locations are are listed north to south.

● ● ●

Here’s the Logan/Cache County forecast. To check for updated information, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the Salt Lake City area forecast. To check for updated information, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the Central Utah forecast from Friday afternoon through Monday, based on weather predicted for Richfield. For updates, click here.

● ● ●

Here’s the forecast for the Moab/Grand Junction, Colo., area. For updates, click here.

● ● ●

And here’s the forecast for the St. George area. For updates, click here.


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