Utah’s weekend weather: Statewide forecast

This weekend's winter storm hit Ogden on Friday afternoon, beginning with snow that stuck on grass but melted on roadways. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Laura Withers

UTAH, Jan. 19, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Welcome to your weekend weather, Utah.

There are hazards ahead for much of Northern Utah. If you’re in Salt Lake City, Park City or Central Utah, your hazard alert lasts through part or all of Saturday, and quite likely includes snow and more snow.

As for cold temperatures, the lowest low predicted in the cities below is 8 degrees Sunday night in Richfield. Runners up are:

  • 14 degrees Saturday night in Logan and Park City
  • 15 degrees Sunday night in Moab
  • 25 degrees Saturday night in Salt Lake City
  • 26 Sunday night in St. George

Come on, SLC and St. G., you’re not even trying.

As for high temperatures in the listed cities, the warmth winner is St. George with 49 degrees Monday, followed by:

  • 48 degrees Saturday in Moab
  • 39 degrees Monday in Richfield
  • 38 degrees Monday in Salt Lake City
  • 34 degrees Saturday in Logan
  • 25 degrees on both Saturday and Monday in Park City. Stay warm, Sundancers.

All the details are below, with links to click for updates. All graphics are from the National Weather Service.

The image immediately below shows conditions at 8 p.m. Friday. For updated information and to use interactive features, click here.

To see local forecasts lasting through Monday, check below. They are listed north to south.

• • •

Here’s the forecast through Monday for the Logan area. For an update, click here.

• • •

Here’s the forecast for the Salt Lake City area. For updates, click here.

• • •

Here’s the Park City forecast, as a courtesy for Sundancers. For updates, click here.

• • •

Here’s the Central Utah forecast, based on weather predicted for Richfield. For updates, click here.

• • •

Here’s the forecast for the Moab/Grand Junction, Colo., area. For updates, click here.

• • •

And here’s the forecast for the St. George area. For updates, click here.


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