Dramatic video: Boy dangles from ski lift at Sundance resort

SUNDANCE, Utah, Dec. 22, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A young skier at Sundance resort on Wednesday got a scare when he was trying to exit the ski lift and his backpack got caught on the chair mechanism.

The lift continued with the boy dangling far above the snowy slope. A video posted Thursday on YouTube, reportedly shot by another guest and posted as an AMCTV video, shows the lift stopped and the young skier hanging from the seat he formerly occupied.

The operator who stopped the lift summoned the ski patrol, and rescuers roared to the scene on snowmobiles. The boy, bearing his weight on his backpack straps, can be heard saying, “My arms hurt.” He then became more agitated, thrashing around yelling for help and yelling.

Rescuers spoke to him, trying to keep him calm as they sent for a ladder tall enough to reach him.

Several workers held the ladder in place while two others climbed the rungs and were able to pull the panicked boy out of his backpack straps and back into the chair above him.

According to reports, the boy’s arms were sore, but he had no major injuries.


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