VIDEO: Bull elk takes a tumble in pursuit of romance

UTAH, Sept. 28, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shared a video Monday of a bull elk taking a tumble while chasing the ladies.

“When 2020 drops you on your face, make like this elk during the rut and get back up,” said a tweet from the Utah DWR.

“This big guy was so focused on chasing a cow elk, he didn’t notice Biologist Brian Maxfield in his truck nearby, or the fence. The bull continued chasing the cow, acting like nothing happened.”

The bull elk wasn’t hurt when he tripped, wildlife officials said.

The annual elk rut in Utah typically begins in mid-September and last until mid-October according to the DWR.

The event is marked by the bugling of bull elk, a piercing, high-pitched love call, known to attracts dozens of would-be partners.


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