Video captures 1 ton bull jumping toward rodeo stands in Preston, Idaho

Photo courtesy of Clint Allen/

PRESTON, Idaho, July 31, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — For photographer Clint Allen, this wasn’t his first rodeo. But it was the absolute first one where his camera caught a one-ton bull mid-air as it tried to jump into the stands.

It happened Thursday at That Famous Preston Night Rodeo. Preston Idaho is 27 miles north of Logan.

“It happened so fast, I’m glad I was able get the shot,” said Allen, who posts his photos of Cache County and regional sporting events at ShutterUpandSmile_CAP.

“I have never seen that happen before,” Allen said of his flying bull sighting. “I’m grateful nobody was hurt.”

The 2,000-pound bull, described by its owner to the rodeo announcer as “pretty with spots on,” had accomplished its goal of throwing the cowboy who dared to attempt a ride, but then the bull ignored attempts to steer it back into its chute, and ran in a small circle for the audience.

Then it started a second circle, in which it attempted to jump the cable fence and join the audience. A fan (who confirmed no one was hurt) shared a chilling video — which captured the startled screams of the audience — on the That Famous Preston Night Rodeo Facebook page on Friday morning.

Blurry screengrabs show the approach of a 2,000 pound bull charging the stands at That Famous Preston Night Rodeo on Thursday, July 29, 2021. Images: Screengrabs from That Famous Preston Night Rodeo’s Facebook page

“Omg… glad everyone is okay,” one person wrote on the rodeo’s Facebook page.

The fan’s page got even more comments:

“Being on the 6th row right in front of him was sure exciting.”

“Wooo hooo now that’s a rodeo haha.”

“That is what every boy dreams of happening at the rodeo! A dream come true! (Glad no one was hurt.)”

“Never a dull moment at the Famous Preston Rodeo Night!!”

“Finally something exciting happens.”

Photo courtesy of Clint Allen/


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