VIDEO: Disc Trick Shot Star Throws to Man on a Zipline

Disc Trick Shot Star Throws to Man on a Zipline
A man riding a zip line catches the disc thrown by Brodie Smith from atop a cliff. Brodie Smith/YouTube video screenshot

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – August 13, 2015 –  ( Ben Hooper ) — A professional ultimate disc player famed for his trick shots shared video of a perfectly-timed throw caught by a man while he was on a zip line.

Brodie Smith, a player in the American Ultimate Disc League, shared a YouTube video of his “Epic Frisbee Trick Shots,” the first of which involved Smith throwing a disc from atop a cliff in Utah and another man catching the disc while passing by on a zip line.

Other trick shots in the video include a disc being caught by a man jumping off the back of a moving dune buggy, a disc thrown from a cliff going through a basketball hoop on another cliff, a disc caught by a cliff diver in mid-air, and a disc thrown by Smith while in mid cliff dive being caught by a man standing on another cliff.

The video ends with Smith throwing a disc that returns to him after eight seconds in the air.


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