Videos: 2 semi drivers come to the aid of UHP trooper struggling with suspect in I-15 HOV lane

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah, July 13, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Highway Patrol is expressing appreciation for two semi-truck drivers who came to the aid of a trooper on Interstate 15.

Troopers were dispatched Thursday, at about 1:12 p.m., to southbound I-15 just before the 200 North exit to Kaysville, where a pedestrian was reported to be walking on the highway, a UHP news release says.

Trooper Justin Law responded and found a man walking along the concrete barrier in the left shoulder.

Law tried several times to call the man over to his patrol car, and although the man heard the trooper, he continued to walk away. It was clear that the man wasn’t going to comply, so Law radioed for assistance.

“Trooper Law was quick to realize the high flow of traffic in the HOV lane and began driving a short distance behind the subject,” the news release says. “…the subject then began running into traffic and Trooper Law placed his vehicle into the HOV lane to block traffic from striking the pedestrian.”

The man then turned toward the trooper’s vehicle and ran beside it. Seeing that the man was putting himself and motorists in danger on the busy roadway, “Law tackled the subject to the ground before he could run any further into traffic.”

While Law was trying to control the man in the HOV lane, two semi drivers came along and saw the trooper’s predicament.

“The first truck driver made quick lane changes into the HOV to block and protect the pedestrian and Trooper on the ground,” the news release says. “Another truck driver came to a stop nearby. Both truck drivers came to the State Trooper’s assistance and aided in safely restraining the subject.”

The uncooperative man was later booked into Davis County Jail on multiple charges.

The news release continues: “Trooper Law and the Utah Highway Patrol are very appreciative of these two truck drivers as they showed bravery in their quick decisions, running into an unknown situation. We will never know what would have happened if these two truck drivers did not stop to help, but we are beyond thankful for them.

“The Utah Highway Patrol would like to share our appreciation to all truck drivers in their aid across the state’s highways, from calling in reckless drivers, DUI drivers, to even identifying amber alert vehicles on the roads. Thank you.”


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