North Ogden Mom Seeks Answers After Teen Returns From Festival Impaired, Missing Memories

A mom is searching for answers after their daughter returned from a festival drugged. Photo Courtesy:

NORTH OGDEN, Utah, July 19, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A mother in North Ogden is desperately looking for answers after her 18-year-old daughter returned from a festival with a system full of drugs, impairment that has lingered, and missing memories of what took place.

Mom Heidi has asked that her last name and her daughter’s not be used.

According to Heidi, Kelsey’s boyfriend dropped her off at home Sunday, four days after the couple attended a festival near Park Valley.

“Her and her boyfriend were at the festival, Element 11, we believe on Wednesday,” Heidi said. “Her boyfriend said she went for a walk and she came back that way.

“After finding out Kelsey had drank a full liter of something, her boyfriend stuck his fingers down her throat to make her throw up.”

Friends told Heidi that Kelsey had been acting strange and confused since Thursday. Heidi speculates that Kelsey may have been given a date-rape drug laced with cocaine and methamphetamine.

Kelsey’s boyfriend had her transported by ambulance to Mckay-Dee Hospital when he became concerned over her behavior. Tests showed she had cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine and marijuana in her system.

“The doctors said she will just come out of it but she has been in this state of mind since Thursday,” Heidi said.

“They are not saying how much of the drugs she had in her system. Nothing has changed, and she keeps saying she is sorry and keeps repeating herself.”

Heidi is concerned that Kelsey was in an impaired state for days before she was dropped off.

“There are still a lot of questions and no one can help with any answers,” Heidi said. “I have a brother that has gone through something similar, but nothing like this, I have never seen anyone who acts like her. We really need answers.”

Heidi wants to warn others to be aware of what they are doing when they are in public areas and at gatherings like the one Kelsey attended. Heidi says there is huge problem with LSD and marijuana where they live.

Laura, a friend of the family, said they are continuing to cleanse Kelsey’s system as best they can.

“Hopefully we’ll start her on other supplements today,” Laura said, “if of course, there is nothing medically that is offered.”

Laura said Kelsey can barely form a sentence, and her family is scared, sickened and sad.

“I want to scream and lecture everyone on the dangers of that lifestyle,” Laura said.

“I want to warn and plead, please, if you’re using illegal drugs, realize you need help. I want to help, others want to help. You’re not a bad person. Kelsey is anything but bad. She’s confused and in pain. Please! No shame — just help!”


    • The article states her mom requested her last name, as well as her daughters not be used. That means her daughters last name will not be used and it wasn’t. Sorry for the confusion.

  1. As an attendee of the festival and member of that community, I’m concerned for Kelsey’s well-being and would appreciate any follow-up, or exact details you can provide. Until then my prayers are with her and the family.

  2. The title of the article should be changed to prominent LDS Family has out of control teen and wants to pretend like they don’t have any idea what has happened. I’m getting sick and tired of reading these articles where the religious cannot figure out why they’re children are on drugs. They all act like they cannot believe this and this is not like them and it’s such a rare Act of indecent discretion, yet they always try to pretend like they are the cream of the crop and never saw it coming. Here’s a wake-up call for all your religious pricks that force your children into being religious zombies like yourselves. Maybe your children would not be od’ing on drugs and you would not be wearing so many of your children if you put the Book of Mormon down and realize your children need help and want your attention. If you remember that 16 year old that was babysitting for the sick and deranged couple that dope her up and had sex with her and then bury the body, you cannot tell me there was no warning signs at the parents should have obviously seen. Just because you become aware that your children have problems does not make you less of a person in the eyes of Jesus. The problem with Utah as you are taught that if you and your family are not perfect that you are less of a family and even less of a parent or person in a church. I have more respect for people that say screw the church I gotta take care of my family and don’t care people’s opinions but unfortunately in Utah that is extremely extremely rare.

  3. For the N. Ogden mother whose worried about her daughter. My daughter was OD’ed on these kind of drugs 3 times. She seemed to be far from normal for months after each incident. Sadly the last time she was taken to the hospital, treated and released. I had her all day with me and she was beyond strange. She kept crying and saying she didn’t know what was wrong and she was scared. I took her to her grandparents where she lived. She just wanted to go to sleep. So she took a pain pill when she went to bed. I got the phone call the next day at work that they had found her dead. The coroner said that pill was deadly mixed with what was in her system and it stopped her heart. I never want another parent to go through this. Please watch your daughter close. Don’t give her anything for awhile. Not even an aspirin. It takes months for all of that to get out of a body and for them to come back to normal if they ever do. My cousin never did. If it happened at 3 different events to my daughter, it can happen to anyone at anytime. If this 1st time didn’t kill her she’s lucky. Some people who have never taken a drug in their life die when that much of a mixed cocktail is given to them. Some people even die from the 1st use of some drugs. Those kind of evil people are everywhere. I pray your daughter pulls out of it and all ends well and it never happens again.


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