Washington County hit with burst of auto prowls

Washington County Sheriff's Office. Photo: enterpriseutah.org

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah, June 5, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — Washington County was annoyed with an outbreak of auto prowls over the weekend, prompting the sheriff’s office and the police forces of Hurricane, Santa Clara-Ivins and St. George to post details and tips Monday.

Hard to call them break-ins, since apparently all the vehicles involved had been left unlocked, police said.

“Over the weekend there were at least five vehicle burglaries in an apartment complex here in Hurricane and several other agencies reported having vehicle burglaries as well as vehicles stolen,” according to the Hurricane Police Department.

“Officers are following leads to locate these suspects. None of the vehicles had to be broken into, they were simply opened as they had been left unlocked.

“Protect yourselves with a simple routine of ensuring that your vehicles and homes are locked any time you leave them. Let’s eliminate these opportunistic crimes in our community by being proactive.”

The Santa Clara-Ivins Police Department wrote, “On June 4, 2023, officers were dispatched to a vehicle burglary.”

“Officers gathered information and spoke to multiple homeowners in the area. It was learned that a neighbor’s vehicle was also stolen.”

The stolen vehicle had a GPS tracker and was located in St. George. As it turned out, the vehicle used by the suspect or suspects who stole it was also located nearby, according to Santa Clara-Ivins PD.

“It was learned that the suspect vehicle was also stolen. Contact was made with the registered owner who didn’t know their vehicle was stolen. Their vehicle was originally in Washington City.”

The investigation is ongoing and both vehicles were returned to their owners, Santa Clara-Ivins said, noting, “Both vehicles in this incident were left unlocked with keys inside.”

Add officers added, in boldface, “Please LOCK your doors and remove all valuables.”


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