Welcome ‘The Todd and Erin Morn- Uh, After- Uh…. ‘ Anyway, welcome!

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 19, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Welcome “The Todd & Erin Morn … Uh, after- Uh….”

Anyway, Welcome! We’ve moved to noon after over 20 years of sharing mornings with you. Sooo… what do we call ourselves? Thoughts? Suggestions?

We take you to our luxurious paradise in New Orleans, which we booked based on it’s glowing 4.5 star rating. Apparently from someone with a cruel sense of humor.

Then! The tragic tale of the men shot at the Sportsman’s Expo … along with excessive bragging over our Utah Jazz and the curious contract they signed with John Stockton’s son. Not a big contract, that’s certain. Also under the heading of Sports Bets That Were Not Well Planned, Little Caesars owes all of us free pizza. All of us.

Look, I’m as big a fan as anyone over the plucky, “can-do” determination of certain women… except for the teeny-tiny little Nana at the Utah State Prison who’s attempted to have her ex-husband murdered not once, not twice, but… yeah. We’ll have all the details.

Fangirl squee! There’s an epic crossover between the “Walking Dead” and “Fear The Walking Dead,” we’ll tell you how to get into an exclusive event to see them both. You love “Will & Grace”? Good news for you! Get settled and grab yourself a beverage. This is a great day!


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