Police: Men take turns assaulting West Jordan girl after connecting on Snapchat

From left, Leclair Dodjim and Richard Djassera. Photos: Salt Lake County

Leclair Dodjim, 24, and Richard Djassera, 21, were booked into jail.┬áThe probable cause statement classifies the case as “aggravated sexual assault,” but does not list specific charges.

According to the statement, Murray residents Dodjim and Djassera, along with Dodjim’s friend identified as “Nash,” on Sept. 19 picked up the girl after Dodjim had “met” her on Snapchat.

The three men bought alcohol, then took the teen to a mall parking lot, then to a hookah bar, and then to a party at a private home, the statement says. After that, the victim’s last recollection was being in the back of the silver Hyundai the men had picked her up in, with one man kissing her and her asking him to stop.

The recording picks up with the victim partially undressed, unresponsive and the two men performing various sex acts on her.

The probable cause statement said the video shows the girl “making feeble attempts to push the person on top of her off,” adding, “It appears she is passed out and/or unconscious throughout most of the video and clearly cannot give consent to anything that is happening to her.”

Dodjim was arrested for an existing warrant and interviewed about the alleged rape. The probable cause statement says that after being read his Miranda rights, Dodjim admitted to picking up the girl with his friend and brother, and said they all consumed alcohol.

His friend, whom he knows only as Nash, said he was going to have sex with the victim, and did so in the back seat, the statement said. Dodjim said he was going to have sex with the girl next, but was too drunk, so just laid on top of her, he told police.

Dodjim identified Djassera as the driver and the person who recorded the video.

Djassera agreed to be interviewed, and said it was his brother and his brother’s friend who had sex with the girl, the statement says.

Referring to Djassera, the statement said, “he said he thought it was funny, so he recorded them having sex on his phone.”

Gephardt Daily will have more information on this story as it develops.


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