Police: West Jordan man arrested after knocking out roommate, trying to set apt ablaze

West Jordan emergency crews responded to the scene after a domestic violence call on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

WEST JORDAN, Utah, Nov. 27, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A West Jordan man was booked into jail Thursday night on multiple felony charges after West Jordan police say he knocked out his female roommate, damaged the apartment before setting it on fire, resisted SWAT negotiations and spit on at least one officer trying to intervene.

Kelly Tyler Irizarry, 22, has been charged on suspicion of:

  • Criminal mischief, intentional damage, defacement, destruction of property, a first-degree felony
  • Aggravated assault producing loss of consciousness, a second-degree felony
  • Aggravated assault, a third-degree felony
  • Arson, endangering human life, a third-degree felony
  • Propelling a bodily substance toward face/eyes/mouth at a peace officer, a third-degree felony
  • Two counts of criminal mischief, intentional damage, defacement, destruction of property, a class A misdemeanor
  • Assault, a class B misdemeanor

West Jordan Police officers were dispatched Thursday night to a physical domestic dispute that reportedly occurred earlier in the day, Irizarry’s probable cause statement says. They arrived at an apartment in the 6800 South block of Oakland Hills Road.

“The victim explained that this incident began this morning when the AP (accused person) awoke and immediately became upset with the victim,” says the statement, filed by a WJPD officer. “The victim reported that the AP initially began ‘throwing’ things in the apartment. After the AP began throwing items the AP approached the victim and grabbed the victim by her hair and pulled the victim down the hallway by the hair on the back of the victim’s head.”

The victim was able to get free, and returned to the apartment’s living room, the officer’s statement says.

“The AP then approached the victim once again and grabbed the victim by her mouth and chin and threw the victim against the wall, causing the victim to hit her head on the wall.”

The two separated until the suspect returned and forced the woman to the floor, the statement says. The suspect “pinned the victim down and placed his arms around the the front of the victim’s neck/throat area and compressed down until the victim lost consciousness,” the police statement says.

The victim said she regained consciousness several minutes later, and said the suspect was damaging a bedroom door, which he then removed and threw at her, the statement says.


Kelly Tyler Irizarry. Photo: Salt Lake County

The suspect also destroyed the victim’s iPad and cellphone, the probable cause statement says.

“Once officers attempted contact with the AP tonight, the AP became very agitated and refused to exit the apartment to speak with officers,” the statement says.

“The AP began damaging and destroying items within the apartment. The AP eventually damaged and destroyed nearly every item in the apartment to include the washer, dryer, stove, broke all the windows inside the apartment, destroyed the toilet, caused a flood within the apartment which resulted in standing water throughout the apartment, the television, various walls throughout the apartment, and damaged and destroyed numerous doors inside the apartment.

“It was estimated that the AP caused approximately more than $5,000 damage to the apartment.”

During SWAT negotiations, “the AP started a fire in the apartment by lighting several rolls of paper towels on fire which reasonably created a danger to surrounding tenants within the apartment complex.”

West Jordan Police Department SWAT team members were able to take Irizarry into custody.

“While the AP was being apprehended inside the apartment the AP propelled saliva at officers which resulted in the saliva coming in contact with the face of the officer,” the probable cause statement says.

Irizarry was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail, where he is being held without bail.


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