West Jordan search and rescue dog finds missing child in bottom of sleeping bag

Talon, with Officer T. Smith and Beau. Photo Courtesy: West Jordan Police Department

WEST JORDAN, Utah, July 25, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A West Jordan police service dog who specializes in search and rescue found a missing child in an unusual place — at the bottom of a sleeping bag, fast asleep.

A Facebook post from West Jordan Police Department said officers were dispatched to a lost child call around 11:30 p.m. one night earlier this month.

“Talon’s mother Nicole and her family were in town visiting family when she checked on the kids who were sleeping in sleeping bags in the basement,” the post said. “She found Talon missing and was frantic. Nicole and family searched the house and then called police.”

Police searched the house, garage and yard and were starting to search the neighborhood when search and rescue dog Beau arrived with his handler, Officer T. Smith.

“Beau was taken to the basement to start the search where Talon’s odor was,” the post said. “SNR dog Beau sniffed Talon’s sleeping bag and then went directly to another sleeping bag his sister was sleeping in and he started nudging at it and then it was noticed there was a lump in the bottom of the bag.”

The bag was unzipped and Talon was located sound asleep, the post said. 

“Several adults and officers had already searched the home and Beau found him in seconds,” the post went on. “Talon also didn’t mind getting to know Beau a little better after this event. We are grateful to have Beau working with us along with his handler Officer Smith! Great work.”


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