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West Valley City police, Metro Gang Unit take 2 into custody after chase

West Valley City Police officers and the Metro Gang Unit pursued a car late Thursday night. Photo: Gephardt Daily/SLCScanner/Monaco Garza

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, Oct. 6, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — Two suspects are in custody after they fled an attempted traffic stop and rammed the car they were in through a residential fence and into a tree.

The two, an adult and a juvenile male, were taken into custody late Thursday night after being apprehended by a K-9. A third suspect may be at large.

A vehicle believed to be carrying a fugitive was spotted on 4800 West, said Lt. Mike Fossmo, West Valley City Police Department. The Metro Gang Unit was also part of the investigation.

“The vehicle failed to yield,” Fossmo said. “A pursuit was initiated.

“During the pursuit, some of the occupants of the vehicle threw some substances out of the vehicle. We’ve since tried to recover some of that. Preliminarily, we believe that might be some narcotics, a small amount at this time.”

Fossmo said he understood the vehicle had traveled at up to 70 miles per hour on surface streets. They chase lasted only a couple minutes, then the vehicle crashed through the fence and into a tree.

“The occupants of the vehicle fled on foot, officers pursued, a containment was established,” Fossmo said.

A K-9 was brought in, “and we were able to apprehend two of those resisting,” he said. One firearm was found in the vehicle.

The fugitive was not located, and it is unknown whether he had been in the vehicle.

Residents of the house where the car crashed were asked to leave the structure during a search, and were cooperative, Fossmo said. No suspects were found inside.