West Valley City police respond after report of blood-covered victim, find something else

Fortunately, the wounds were only movie magic makeup. Photo: WVCPD

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, Sept. 19, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — When a call came in that a woman who appeared to be badly injured was seen running through the streets of West Valley City, officers raced to the scene to assist the victim.

“We got a call that someone saw a woman covered in blood running through a parking lot,” a tweet from WVCPD says.

Turns out, the woman had been working on a movie set and was running late getting to the gym to wash off her makeup before her kickboxing class started.#whew.?

Not a bad outcome, all things considered.

The grateful “victim” even stopped long enough to snap a smiling picture with her would-be rescuers.


  1. If somebody was really bleeding that badly in West Valley and reported it to the police or it was reported to the police by the time they got there a person would be dead West Valley is the slowest most pathetic Police Department I have ever had experience with. I’m sorry to say that it’s disappointing but they always say there understaffed and overwhelmed I live by serious gang problems and they never take care of it on time


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