What happens when Erin loses bet to Todd! ‘The Todd and Erin Nooner’

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 20, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — What happens when Erin loses a bet to Todd? Hint: It involves New Orleans, a pedicab and a T-Rex suit.

It isn’t pretty, but we’re showing it anyway on today’s “Todd & Erin uh… Nooner”? You like “Nooner”? “Daily Stream”? At this point, “Nooner” and “Afternoon Delight” are in the lead for the new show name. We’re not sold on it yet.

Ever heard of “Pee-Jamas?” It’s a genius invention from Utahn Craig Hammond, designed to teach your kid about night-time potty training without YOU waking up in a puddle. While we’re on the subject of genius ideas, welcome to the “Street Store,” where charities are leaving warm clothes in areas where the homeless congregate — free coats and boots and more as a gift.

Back to New Orleans for our epic morning when we woke to find a Hazmat truck across the street from our hotel … and vehicles listed as “Department of Homeland Security”… a huge truck with chemical showers … uh … should we be worried?


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