Woman gives birth in parking lot of Bountiful’s Lakeview Hospital

Shelby and her baby Olivia are shown with Tami Timothy, who delivered her baby. Photo: Lakeview Hospital

BOUNTIFUL, Utah, Nov. 4, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A woman gave birth in the parking lot of Bountiful‘s Lakeview Hospital Tuesday morning.

“Yesterday morning our Director of Specialty Services, Tami Timothy, was walking into work when she heard someone in pain,” said a Facebook post from the hospital Wednesday. “She looked around until she found Shelby in the back of her car. She was in labor. Dad had gone to get help just before Tami found her.”

Timothy sprinted inside, grabbed a wheelchair, helped Shelby into it and started to rush her inside.

“However, baby had other plans!” the post said. “Shelby said the baby was here NOW and she needed to start pushing. Still in the parking lot, Tami helped her remove her sweatpants and found the baby crowning. She helped her deliver and wrapped the baby in her sweatpants.”

Baby Olivia, who weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 ¼ inches, arrived just after 6 a.m., the post said.

“Help soon arrived and both mom and baby were ushered inside,” the post said. “They are doing great and discharging today! Shelby expressed gratitude that Tami found her. She is certain she would have given birth alone in her car without her help.”

Before working as a director Timothy spent 22 years as an ER nurse at Lakeview. “No doubt it helped her keep a cool head under pressure,” the post said. “While she has had a hand at helping deliver a couple babies this was the first one she delivered solo. But we all agree it was fate that Tami was the one who helped as she is skilled, quick on her feet, and has a heart of gold. Not to mention she remembered the time of her meeting wrong and was here 30 minutes before she needed to be!”

The post added: “Congrats to mom and dad and Olivia’s two older sisters who are excited to welcome her home soon! She will certainly have a great story of how she came into this world!”

Baby Olivia are shown with Tami Timothy who delivered her Photo Lakeview Hospital


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