Woman shot in Sunset apartment; police interviewing 4 people found leaving scene

Photo: Gephardt Daily

SUNSET, Utah, March 9, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A 33-year-old woman was shot in Sunset Tuesday morning, and was taken to local hospital for immediate surgery.

Sunset Police Chief Ken Eborn told Gephardt Daily an officer was called to an apartment building at 2115 North 250 West, just before 5 a.m.

“When our officer got there, there was a vehicle just leaving the scene, with four people,” Eborn said. “He stopped it, and we are currently interviewing those four to see what information they may or may not have.”

The four people were known to the victim — who was shot in the leg — and were also known to frequent the apartment, Eborn said.

Investigators were also told another car left shortly before the officer arrived, and they are seeking information on that vehicle. Eborn said it is unknown whether anyone in that car was connected to the shooting, or may just have been a resident heading to work.

Eborn said it is unlikely police will be able to interview the victim today due to the surgery and its lingering effects. He did not know the severity of the injury, he said.

“We may not know until tomorrow what she has to tell us,” he said at 8:55 a.m. Tuesday.

In the meantime, investigators are processing the apartment as a crime scene, and the car that was leaving, the Eborn said.


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