Woman arrested after police pursuit in West Valley City

Kasanita King. Photo Courtesy: Salt Lake County

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, Feb. 27, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — A 21-year-old woman was arrested after a police pursuit in West Valley City early Monday morning.

Kasanita King was booked in Salt Lake County Jail on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle, fleeing police, and trespassing, as well as outstanding warrants, officials said.

West Valley City Police Department spokeswoman Roxeanne Vainuku said the incident began at approximately 4:30 a.m. when an officer spotted a stolen vehicle driving in the area of the Baymont Inn, at 2229 W. City Center Court.

The officer observed King parking the car, Vainuku said. As officers were approaching, King drove behind the building and fled from officers in her vehicle. Officers began a pursuit for approximately two minutes, and then were able to successfully spike the tires of the stolen car.

The suspect tried to turn into Shadow Brook Apartments at 3860 S. Redwood Road but lost control and crashed into a water feature. King then fled on foot into a nearby unlocked apartment. The man who lived there, who had stepped out briefly, returned and found her, then alerted police.

Officers then entered the apartment and took King into custody without incident.


  1. this girl is a low life criminal who needs serious help this is not the first time she’s done something like this she needs to be off the streets and put in prison where she belongs! hope she goes away for a long time!

  2. People do make bad choices AMD need to learn from it but to lock them Up AMD toss the key. Is not the solution what happened in their life that went so wrong that they made that bad choice yes their are stupid people who like to break law for fun but not everyone commits crimes just to do so would u steal a loafs bread to feed your starving famill u canyon just judge someone based on what they did u do jot know that person to say that and that’s just wrong to wish someone to be in prison yes their are people who deserve it. But their just something in life that takes control like active addiction and when Ur sick AMD starving sometime u just don’t get a choice AMD have to do what it takes

  3. you do have a choice whether or not you want to do right or wrong! Everyone has a choice! she deserves the punishment that comes her way! I don’t feel bad for her! doesn’t matter what happened in life, EVERYONE GOES through shit she is not the only one that goes through shit! she’s just taking the easier way out! and creating EXCUSES!!!!!! she’s dumb stupid and just a plain idiot!

  4. I know her personally, and she is such a good hearted individual. You’re right, everyone goes through their own things, so I don’t think anyone has the right to say anything about how another person should be treated or punished based on how they deal with their problems. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” Meaning we ALL sin differently, so don’t judge another person based on theirs.


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