Border Officials Are Looking North

Canada and USA Border

Border Officials Are Looking North

BLACKROCK INTERNATIONAL RAILWAY BRIDGE, March 31, 2015, Gephardt Daily – The Buffalo Field Office of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Attorney General’s office announced that a Brazilian citizen was arrested yesterday and charged following an attempt to enter the U.S. without inspection at the Blackrock International Railway Bridge.

Demilson Loubak Ferreira, 36, a citizen of Brazil, was charged with improper entry to the U.S.

Ferreira, along with his wife and a child, hopped aboard an international freight train from Canada to the US and attempted to hide while passing through inspection. CBP officers discovered the family and took them into custody.

“This was an outstanding job by our front line officers,” said Acting Director of Field Operations Rose Hilmey. “Our officers do an excellent job identifying cargo or persons that require further inspection.

In this case,” she added, “the officers discovered individuals who hid in a freight train in an attempt to avoid CBP.”

Ferreira, who has already been brought before a US magistrate judge in Buffalo, was sentenced to time served. The family will be returned to Canada.

USA Canada Patrol
Courtesy: US Customs and Border Protection

It is estimated that approximately 7,500 illegal aliens cross the US – Canadian border every year.

A recent CBP report said only 32 of the nearly 4,000 miles of the US – Canadian border “had reached an acceptable level of control.”

And according to the CBP Oregon and the western half of Washington State contains “a known presence of terrorist organizations” near the border.

The issue of drug smuggling over the US – Canadian border, the CBP confiscates about 40,000 pounds of illegal drugs each year at and between points of entry along the northern border.


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