Sunday Spotlight: A Utah Success Story in Very Good Taste

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – September 14, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — If you’re a fan of great BBQ sauces, then there’s no need to tell you about Snap Daddy’s because you have probably already tried it. But just in case you haven’t, or if you’re a newbie to the world of BBQ sauces, maybe it’s time to acquaint yourself with Utah’s fasted growing brand.

Kevin Jones, wasn’t happy being in the mortgage business. The transplanted Texan came to Utah to seek out a better life, but found selling mortgages mundane.


On a particularly stressed day, he came home and his wife, Jennifer took one look at him and said. “Quit your job, you’re not happy.” Kevin laughed, but his wife was dead serious. He was at a loss as what to do to provide for his family.

Then he was reminded about the incredible BBQ sauce he makes. A recipe he took with him from Texas, the state known for great BBQ, rubs and sauces. Kevin, who had been selling his sauces to fellow employees at his desk, decided to take the plunge.

Borrowing some funds from his mom, he began to put together his company. Starting in a very small kitchen facility, he quickly began selling his BBQ sauces, which he named Snap Daddy’s at local farmer’s markets and other small venues.

It wasn’t long before the incredible flavors of his sauces began to get noticed by some pretty big companies and grocers. Snap Daddy’s began to grow.

Kevin is a stickler for keeping quality, so he made it is mission to keep the highest quality and freshest ingredients in his sauces. “I will never substitute cheaper spices just to cut costs,” he told me during our interview. “If I did, it just wouldn’t be the same.”


Just recently, Snap Daddy’s became the official BBQ sauce for the Salt Lake REAL soccer team, a very big leap for a company just celebrating it’s fourth year in business.

Snap Daddy’s can be found in about 600 grocery stores all over the Intermountain west, again a feat very few products accomplish.

For the full story on Kevin Jones and “Snap Daddy’s” click the video above. Also visit Snap Daddy’s website at

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  1. You couldn’t find a more deserving company to spotlight. Kevin and Jennifer are utterly amazing–they give back so much to the community! Their success and eventual worldwide domination are well-deserved.


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