15 killed in 31-car pileup near Chinese toll station

File photo: Gephardt Daily

Nov. 4 (UPI) — The driver of a tower-crane truck lost control and crashed into a long line of vehicles in China on Saturday, killing 15 people.

A total of 31 vehicles were involved in the pileup near the Lanzhou South Toll Station on the Lanzhou-Haikou Expressway and 41 people were injured, including the truck’s driver, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

The driver said the truck experienced a brake failure on the downhill area of the expressway.

Authorities said the driver had never driven on this expressway before and didn’t steer away from traffic after panicking when the brakes failed, CNN reported

Police detained the truck driver and are investigating the cause of the crash.

Chinese authorities also said two people were killed when a bus in the city of Hanzhong lost control on Saturday afternoon and swerved into traffic. Another five people were killed in the crash.


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