29 Leave Pennsylvania Police Academy Amid Cheating Scandal

Pennsylvania Police Academy
Pennsylvania's State Police Commissioner said 29 cadets left a Hershey, Pa., training program in a cheating scandal. Photo by Pennsylvania State Police Academy/Facebook

HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 25 (UPI) — Twenty-nine cadets at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy left the facility in the wake of the exposure of a cheating scandal, the state police commissioner said.

Speaking Wednesday before a state Senate budget hearing, Commissioner Tyree Blocker said the 29 cadets left after it was revealed some classmates shared test information.

“We believe we have very sound investigative information that indicates those individuals were a party to what’s being described as s cheating scandal,” he said.

In addition to the 29 who left because of the scandal, another 18 of the originally 116-member class left voluntarily for a variety of reasons. The departures leaves a graduating class of 69 people.

“No outsiders alerted us to this” scandal, Blocker said. “We discovered it and we are taking steps to ensure that it never happens again. We brought in our internal affairs to look at every aspect of cadet testing and the particulars surrounding the incidents of cheating.”

Blocker said officials discovered the cheating scandal in December, the same month the Senate confirmed him as commissioner.


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