$30K in precious stones stolen from N.J. mineral museum

The Franklin Mineral Museum in Franklin, N.J., reported the theft of precious stones and gems valued at #30,000, after a burglary Monday. Photo courtesy of Franklin Mineral Museum

June 20 (UPI) — New Jersey’s Franklin Mineral Museum was robbed of precious stones and gems valued at over $30,000, police said.

Thieves crossed a barbed wire fence and entered the Sussex County museum early Monday through a second-story window, Franklin Police Det. Sgt. Nevin Mattesich said, and used a rope to descend to the main floor. Emeralds, diamonds and topaz were among the items stolen.

Blood was discovered on display cases throughout the museum, indicating that at least one person sustained a severe cut during the burglary.

“We are asking any doctor, medical facility or hospital who treated someone with a significant cut to contact us,” Mattessich told the New Jersey Herald.

No arrests have been made, and police are unaware of how many people participated in the crime.


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