Med student walked 3 miles on hands, seeking world record, charity funds

Ashwin Kalyandurg, 22, walked 3.17 miles on his hands, beating a Guinness World Record and raising funds for four charitable organizations. Screen capture/Sun Sentinel

June 27 (UPI) — A Florida man walked more than 3 miles on his hands in hopes of breaking a world record and raising funds for charity.

Ashwin Kalyandurg, 22, walked 3.17 miles on his hands, surpassing a 2002 Guinness World Record by 100 meters, during an event to raise funds for four charitable organizations.

“Everything is in pain,” Kalyandurg said after completing the record-breaking feat June 20.

Kalyandurg, a senior medical student at Nova Southeastern University, performed the world record attempt at the Pledge-Per-Step Challenge in Boca Raton to raise funds for Eat Better Live Better, The Unicorn Children’s Foundation, The Pediatric Oncology Support Team and End Polio Now.

He took breaks throughout the 3-mile journey, which took about eight hours, and has submitted his record attempt to Guinness for approval.

For two months leading up to the event, Kalyandurg trained his body by climbing palm trees, doing push-ups and walking up and down parking garage ramps on his hands.

Kalyandurg had walked on his hands for charity in the past, walking for about 12 hours to benefit the American Cancer Society at his university.

With his most recent charitable event complete, Kalyandurg was prepared to refocus on his studies.

“I have my board exam to become a doctor next week,” he said. “So after this event, I’m going to study.”



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