8-Year-Old Boy, Father Invent Sound Kit Add-On For Legos

8-Year-Old Boy, Father Invent Sound Kit Add-On
Chase Freeman developed the add-on with the help of his father and some tech specialists.Photo By Chuck Freedman/Kickstarter
GEORGETOWN, Mass., Dec. 3 (UPI) — An eight-year-old Massachusetts boy is looking to bring a Lego sound kit add-on that he developed with his father to the masses through a crowdfunding campaign.
At the age of seven, Chase Freedman asked his father Chuck a seemingly innocent question.”What if there was a way to record our sounds and play them back whenever we flew our spaceship?” he asked.

A year later Chase and Chuck brought this vision to life by launching a Kickstarter campaign for the Brick Sound Kit a Lego-style toy that records sounds and plays them back using motion-sensor technology.

The sound kit connects with compatible apps via Bluetooth, allowing users to record their own variety of sounds that can then be played from the device by moving it in a number of directions or pressing the “jet engine” button on the device.

According to CBS Boston, the two developed a prototype with the help of tech specialists. Chase was involved throughout the process, providing input on button placement and other design elements.

He believes that other kids as well as Lego collectors will be impressed with his invention.

“They’ll probably say I like it, it’s awesome, and they’ll probably be, like, whoah,” he said,

With 19 days left, the Kickstarter is just under a third of the way to its goal of $18,000 with almost 50 backers.

Freedman believes the Brick Sound Kit will release in May and retail for around $100 if the project is funded, but people who back the project can receive it for as low as $59.



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