81-Year-Old Woman Rams Purse Snatchers With Her Car

Rams Purse Snatchers

MOUNT POCONO , Pa., Feb. 18 (UPI) — A pair of purse snatchers in Pennsylvania were met with some unexpected resistance as an elderly woman rammed into their getaway car in an attempt to reclaim her belongings.

Alice Makla, 81, chased down the thieves and damaged their car after they snatched her purse from her Mount Pocono driveway.

Police say a woman approached Makla asking for $10 in gas money and she offered $20 because she didn’t have a $10 bill.

A red vehicle then followed her to her home as she drove away where her neighbor Steve Jabara told WNEP that the suspects stole her purse through her open window.

“One of the fellows reached in and grabbed the purse,” he said. “She was talking to them, the window was open and they ran with it and she tried to chase them.”

She ran into the back of the thieves’ car at which point they removed $140 from Makla’s wallet and tossed the purse out the window, ultimately escaping her pursuit.

Police later found a car with damage consistent with the report in the parking lot of a nearby Shop Rite and the suspects were arrested after admitting to the crime.


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