Active-duty COVID-19 case count continues upward climb

U.S. Army soldier checks the temperature of civilian personnel in Seattle, Wash. in this April photo. The number of COVID-19 cases among active-duty military personnel continues to climb upward, with the Pentagon logging more than 6,000 cases in the first weeks of July. Photo by Genesis Miranda/U.S. Army

July 17 (UPI) — The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among active-duty military members grew by about 4,000 in the month of July — a 60 percent increase, according to Department of Defense statistics.

As of Thursday the DoD reported 18,968 cumulative cases among active-duty military, with 10,544 active cases as of Monday.

On July 2 there were 6,493 active cases among service members.

Just three service members have died of the virus and the number of military cases leading to hospitalization has remained relatively lot, but military officials have said the number of cases at military installation

The Army had reported 3,836 cumulative cases at the beginning of the month and which has now reported 6,104 total cases, making it the branch most affected by the virus.

Earlier in the year the Navy, which has reported 5,084 cases to date, was the hardest-hit service.

The Marine Corps has logged 2,124 cases to date; the Air Force, 2,805; the National Guard, 2,614; and other DoD agencies, 237.


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