Animal Rescue Group Offers 20 Miniature Donkeys For Adoption

Miniature Donkeys
Triple R Horse Rescue in Arizona received 20 miniature donkeys seeking permanent homes from another shelter in Texas. The donkeys were part of a group of 160 that were sent to the Texas shelter as the result of a "breeding situation."Photo by Chrislofotos/Shutterstock

CAVE CREEK, Ariz., March 10 (UPI) — An animal rescue group in Arizona received an outpouring of responses on social media after announcing that 20 miniature donkeys were available for adoption.

Triple R Horse Rescue posted a digital flyer to its Facebook page with the headline “20 miniature donkeys need forever homes.” The donkeys were sent to Triple R from a rescue group in Texas that had been housing 160 miniature donkeys as the result of a “breeding situation.”

After the original post received nearly 90,000 shares on Facebook, Triple R posted an update providing more information about the donkeys, and agreed to take in 10 more.

Due to the “overwhelming response,” the rescue group’s community outreach director Michele Schafer told AZcentral that they had implemented a lottery system to handle adoption inquiries.

Interested parties can fill out a form on Triple R’s website that will enter applicants into the adoption lottery.

Schafer also said the process may take more than a month and only residents of Arizona would be considered.

“We are very particular about where our animals go,” she said. “Adoption is the easy part. Caring for an animal is the hard part.”

While she stated that the tiny donkeys are “full of cuteness” and can make great companions, she warned potential applicants against growing too attached to the donkey featured in the original Facebook post.

“People have been calling asking about that donkey even,” she said. “It’s just a Google image.”


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