Another Wisconsin parade victim discharged from hospital

The city of Waukesha is asking residents to display a blue light outside their homes to show solidarity with the victims of Nov. 21 when a man drove his vehicle into a parade, killing six and injuring dozens. Photo courtesy of Waukesha City/Facebook

Nov. 29 (UPI) — Health officials in Wisconsin said another child injured last week when a man drove his vehicle into a parade in Waukesha has been discharged from the hospital, officials said.

Children’s Wisconsin, which had received 16 children injured Nov. 21, said in a statement Sunday it was “grateful” to share it has released another child, for a total of nine, but seven remain under its care, including three in serious condition, three in fair condition and one in good condition.

Six people were killed and more than 60 others were injured after a speeding vehicle plowed into them during the 58th annual Waukesha Christmas Parade.

To mark one week since the incident, the town held a moment of silence that lasted 62 seconds for each of those injured at 4:39 p.m. Sunday.

During the event, which was broadcast via Facebook, Mayor Shawn Reilly, standing before City Hall with city officials, said the suffering the community feels from the tragedy will endure, but they will not despair.

“From the very first moment, our community has come together to help those suffering, and we will continue to do so,” he said. “Our response during the past week and in the future will show that those who care vastly outnumber those who do not, and that evil will not triumph.”

They will grieve as a community and heal as a community, he said.

“We will find healing by being stronger and supportive for the families of those who lost a loved one, for those who were injured and for all of those who are suffering because they were a witness,” he said.

The community has been asked to display a blue light outside their homes during the holiday to show unity and support for the victims in a campaign titled “Unite with a Blue Light.”

Darrell Brooks, 39, has been charged following the incident with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide.


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