Argentine Navy looking for sub that’s been radio silent for 2 days

The ARA San Juan submarine broke contact this week off Argentina's southern coast, officials said Friday. The crew of 44 has not communicated in 48 hours. Photo by Argentina Navy/EPA

Nov. 17 (UPI) — Authorities said Friday they are trying to communicate with an Argentine Navy submarine that broke contact off Northern Patagonia this week, with 44 crew members on board.

The navy mounted a search for the vessel, which officials said lost radio contact on Wednesday.

“The latest official and reliable information is that the submarine has not yet been found,” naval spokesman Enrique Balbi said.

Balbi emphasized that the sub is not considered lost.

“To be lost you have to look for him and not find him,” he said.

The United States, Britain and Canada have offered to help Argentina locate the missing vessel with boats and satellites.

“The Armada is carrying out operations to resume communications with the submarine ARA ‘San Juan,'” the Argentine Navy tweeted.

Officials also said aircraft and ships are searching in the area of the submarine’s last known position.

Some relatives of the crew members are waiting at the base for updates.

Admiral Gabriel González, head of the Mar del Plata naval base, said the submarine has enough food and oxygen for the crew to survive for days.

“We are at a loss of communications, we are not talking about an emergency,” he said.


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