Arkansas death row inmate wants head removed, brain studied

File Photo : UPI

Nov. 5 (UPI) — A man scheduled to be executed next week in Arkansas said in his will that he wants his head to be removed from his body so a doctor can study his brain.

Jack Greene, 61, said he believes injuries caused by the Arkansas Department of Corrections has led to severe dementia and mental illness. He thinks a medical examination of his brain will prove his allegations.

“I direct that, upon my death through execution by the state of Arkansas, my head shall be surgically removed from my body and transported out of state to an independent medical examiner, such as Dr. Jan Garavaglia … and producers of her television program on the Justice Network,” he wrote in his will.

Garavaglia hosts a reality television show in which she investigates unexplained deaths.

“This is something he really insisted that he dictate to me and to write down,” Greene’s lawyer, John Williamstold NBC News on Friday. “He wants to prove all the injuries that he believes have been committed against him.”

Greene is scheduled to be executed Thursday after an Arkansas circuit judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to stop it. Williams, who said Greene is not mentally competent for execution, said he appealed the case to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

“Numerous courts have reviewed the case and I am satisfied that the Supreme Court’s standards have been met and that he is competent to be executed,” said Arkansas Asa Hutchinson. “As normal, I will continue to review any additional relevant facts as November 9 approaches.”

Greene was sentenced to die for the 1991 murder of Sidney Burnett.


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