Australian man finds golf course swarmed by kangaroos

A mob of kangaroos stands by while golfers play on at an Australian golf course. Screenshot: Storyful

April 14 (UPI) — An Australian man who went out for a round of golf found his game was complicated by the presence of dozens of kangaroos.

Greg Tannos, who runs the website, posted a video and some photos showing how his game of golf at Sanctuary Point Country Club in New South Wales was complicated by a mob of hopping hazards crowding the course.

The video shows Tannos wandering among dozens of gathered marsupials to play on after his “one good shot” of the day.

Click on the video above to see an earlier video by Tannos showing kangaroos on the golf course.

The marsupials don’t appear bothered by the presence of golfers or their equipment and lounge nonchalantly as Tannos continues his game only feet away.


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